Part II: Why I see family parties so often in my dreams? Also who was this guy?

since description was too long i'll create a part II... let's cotinue here...

Well everyone xept dis guy gathered to da kitchen…I asked da older of da 2 cousins….”who’s dis guy?”…. and he told me he had no idea…and he commented he’s “ridiculous” as well…. i went to da living room (where he was sittin in an armchair)…and I told him to fuck off and get out…. and he laughed and said “hahahha u r dead”…. i went back to da kitchen to tell da rest about da situation…. then da first cousin (let’s call him N) went to da living room to tell him to get out as well…. same response comin from him…”hahahahha u r dead”….

Nothing happened so he went back to da kitchen wid us…and we were discussin about how we r gonna get rid of him…. suddenly we saw him comin into da kitchen…and he attacked da 2nd cousin (let’s call him P)…who’s da youngest one (I’m older than both btw)…. and then he left and went back to his armchair….

I went into da living room where he was sittin…. and I pulled out of ma pockets da butterfly knife and da nail clipper ma grandma gave me…. i threw both items at him but he dodged both….. then he suddenly got up from da armchair and he yelled “FUCK U!!!”…then I went back to da kitchen again….

N went into da living room too…and he tried to force him to get up from da armchair…. nothing happened and he yelled “LEAVE ME ALONE…. FUCK U”…

Back to da kitchen…we kept discussin about da situation for like 10 mins…till he appeared again…then all 3 of us (xept ma aunt)…went under da kitchen table…. dis guy pulled da butterfly knife I threw at him…. and he chopped off P’s feet dis time….

After dis…ma aunt and N were tryin to calm P down…. whilst I was tryin to clean all of da blood spilt…. half hour passed…then there he goes again at da kitchen…

Suddenly we saw him transformin into a small (about 1’ tall) orange ball wid 7 blue-colored eyes on it and a mouth as well…. glidin in da air…. then he startin devourin P till he ate him whole…. o_O

After dis I woke up scared….

So ma question’s…. y he was attackin P (till he ate him at da end)…whilst me and N were da ones who were attackin him first?

And y I dream of family parties so often?


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  • Perhaps you have your family in your mind too often and that's why you dream with them in parties so often. But it's very intriguing the rest of the dream. Since dreams, no matter how strange they are, are illusions our mind creates according to things we're thinking and experiencing in our lives, I wonder if you're worried about your cousin somehow... and maybe you must be afraid of dying as well.

    • actually not so attached as i stated above...

      and not worried about him (he leads a healthy lifestyle anyway so...)...

      but yup,... i'm afraid of death indeed... guess dis strange guy was supposed to be a personification of death?

    • Yeah, I think he must be a personification of death. Perhaps your cousin what just a random guy there who was meant to be killed in the dream, even because he takes a healthy lifestyle and there's little risk for him, who knows...

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  • It is your imagination gone wild - Since the family party was attended by living members and those who passed away plus the guy kept saying "You're dead" - I think the guy is your representation of death.
    Dreams are your hopes, fears, thoughts and memories - Everyone is a bit afraid of death so their dream representation of death will be a scary manifestation.
    Here is the dream analysis dictionary interpretation of a party
    Maybe dreaming of family parties may signify an inner wish to get back closer to your family since you say you are not as close as you once were ( just a random guess ).

    • " I think the guy is your representation of death. "

      ^another guy told me dat on da first part... but wot i don't understand's y he was attackin P... and not me or N...

      "Maybe dreaming of family parties may signify an inner wish to get back closer to your family "

      ^not so much tbh...

      thanks for da link by the way... but didn't see anything about a family party though...