Coincidence, fate, none?

I've had a... romantic friendship with a guy that lives in San Francisco (long distance). He's planning on traveling to Thailand before the end of this year. We're not sure if it will ever work out between us, but we both know that if everything was in a set path, we'd definitely be together. So I went to the airport to drop a cousin off because he's traveling to San Francisco. And at the airport I met up with a friend I hadn't seen in months, and he said that he was traveling to Thailand. Before leaving he told me, verbatim, "You're life has a purpose, and I want you to focus on something you really REALLY want. Even if you don't see results on a daily basis, you will get there. Think ahead of time, as if you're already there... and you will accomplish anything you want." Coincidence?


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  • sounds like fate.


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  • It does seem like a coincidence more than anything.


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