Why is it socially acceptable to ignore the things a bad person does to other people, just as long as they treat YOU nice?

I just read a question on here about a guy who got cheated on by his girlfriend with his best friend.

So let me get this straight, this best friend of yours pumped and dumped a million other girls. He showed clear signs of very poor sexual self control for all the time you've known him. He had a huge reputation of being a player. He's had OTHER male friends with whom he's gone behind their backs and slept with their girlfriends.

How did you NOT see this coming? What, just because he bit the hand of everyone else, but not yours at the time, you just up and decided to say, "Well, fuck it, I don't care if you fucked everyone else over, so long as you don't fuck ME over, we're friends!"

Having that guy as your friend, and having him near your girlfriend is like having a baby sheep in your backyard and deciding it's okay to bring a wolf and think it's going to play nicely with the sheep.

Of course it's gonna fucking eat the sheep. A wolf hunts, and a player sleeps.

Why are people on this website so fucking stupid? And then when you point this out to them, they get angry, because of course it couldn't POSSIBLY be THEIR fault for choosing shitty friends.


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  • I characterise a person by their actions. I not only judge them by how they treat me , i also judge them by how they treat others too. I usually choose friends who have the same standards and values as me. So i would never associate with someone who intentionally hurt other people.

    If a person treated others like shit then that is their potential , so i would never trust them or like them as a person


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  • not acceptable.

  • I don't know who you've been taking to but it's not


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