People want to crash my party help?

So I am 14 and I am having a Halloween party with like 30 people 15 girls and 15 guys. This other girl is having a party the week before me. I was invited to hers, but not everyone that was invited to hers is invited to mine and neither is she because they do things I don't want at my house. Now four of them 2 boys and 2 girls want to crash my party cause they were'nt invited. I really don't want then to come and no one else does either that is coming to mine. This boy though gave them my new address and all the details though. What the heck do I do? i still want to have the party, but I don't want them to show up and I don't want there to be bad blood.


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  • Let them come? What do they do that you don't like? Drink? Smoke? Just tell them you don't want that stuff in your house. Sounds like here going to show up whether you like it or not, just invite them now