Girls, is it weird or creepy to message a girl I don't know on Facebook (not hitting on her, just want to be friends)?

I posted this in a different section, but only got one response.

I'm an 18 year old guy. This girl attends the same university as me, but I only know her from our class' official Facebook group. What makes her so interesting is that she is the only person I saw in the group who is from the same country as me (I'm from outside the US), so I would really like to get to know her and ask if she knows any other people from our country. Unfortunately, I don't have any classes with her, so the only way I can get in touch with her is through Facebook (I could also wait to run into her somewhere on campus, but that could take ages since I go to an enormous school).

I did some research (including some questions on this site), and the general consensus seems to be that a guy messaging a girl he doesn't know on Facebook is creepy and off-putting. Is this always true? I'm not trying to hit on her or get her to sleep with me, I'm just eager to meet someone who is from the same country as I am. Are there certain words I should refrain from using to avoid creeping her out and her blocking me? Any particular way I should phrase the message? I really don't want to offend her and give her the wrong idea about my intentions.


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  • its not weird.


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  • Just be like "Hey I notice we were from the same country!" Sorta thing. Keep it light and it'll be alright. I'm sure she would be interested to meet someone who is also from the same country too.


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  • Boy you know damn well you wanna bang her.

    • Except I don't? I thought I made it clear why I want to meet this particular girl. If I wanted sex, I would have just gone with some other chick. Don't expect every guy to share your twisted RedPill view of women (yes, I looked at your profile).