Is it weird that I'm straight, and attract a bunch of kesbians?


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  • I'm straight and attract gay guys all the time.

    It's kinda like when you find a lesbian or gay guy hot, while you are straight.

    • I see what you mean, it's just a little freaky sometimes.

    • What is freaky is when a guy is attracted to me, becomes a girl, is attracted to my "feminine features", and has a strangulation and stabbing fetish.

      You meet some straaaange people in college.

    • Oh goshh... Haha you poor thing! I wish you lots of luck!!

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  • What's a Kesbian, is that some sort of new sub group... Kenyan Lesbians (kidding)?

    • Lol no its a typo

    • Ahh well in that case, given my appearance (I don't smile a lot) I really don't attract many people of either gender, gay or straight. I have been told I look angry most all of the time (I'm actually not) but people tend to stay away from me pretty much all the time.

  • Not at all. Lesbians are attracted to femininity. Apparently you're very feminine.


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