What makes a girl beautiful?

Personality traits, facial feature, and anything that makes her beautiful to you!
Use examples if you wish. :P


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  • Honestly it's physical but that will get different answer for different peoples visual desires but on top of that if they act very sweet, kind, affectionate and just overall feminine I get enchanted.

    Honestly a girl just being very kind to all those around her is probably the hottest thing in my eyes.


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  • A loving smile
    A soft touch
    A listening ear
    A gental voice
    A warm embrace
    A sweet kiss
    A hand to hold
    A loving heart
    And a place for me in it

  • Obviously some women are more beautiful than others, just as men, horses, cars, or whatever you want to look at can measured. What makes a woman beautiful to me is less what she looks like, although that is still somewhat important, but more her approach to herself, me, and the rest of the world. Is she joyful or morose, thoughtful or prejudiced, kind or selfish, funny or dour. These are the things that make a woman attractive and make you want to be with them for the rest of your life.

  • Hair , Eyes, skin tone, short height, the way she handles stress and a woman that is open and honest about everything including her menstrual cycle.

  • example a good personality and your looks


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