Im really scared of the dentists. But I fear for certain teeth. can't bring myself to go. Help?

I've been deathly afraid of dentists since I was little. But I fear for two of my teeth, as one of them has a huge hole inside it, and another has a smaller hole where it chipped.
I did go about 3 years ago. but that was an acception as I knew it was only a cap and that it wouldn't require any equipment other than a heating type thing.
someone help me.. As Im shitting myself (not literally) :(


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  • What are you so afraid in the 1st place a/the NUMBING NEEDLE? If so It isn't that bad if at all these days + that minuscule pain is nothing when compared to the nasty ass toothache that you'd eventually have if you didn't go to the dentist within a couple of years.

    Also if those teeth became infected oh boy you may as well get ready now to deal with the pain for an additional 2-4 weeks after your initial visit to the dentist office via them having to wait for the "infection" to go down (pills would kill it off) before they can do any work on the tooth (if Im right). Until then you'd be crying probably via the headaches/toothaches ^_^.

    I mean I may get a little anxious when the needle is coming, but I don't flinch nor ya know "show it" because I already know that either I can take the "slight burning sensation of the needle" (it's not bad once again) or have tooth/headaches all day long randomly throughout the day.

    Oh yeah, if and when possible you should get a FEMALE DENTIST because their hands are smaller + they're more caring on average it seems. Hell, some will even RUB your cheek so smoothly while injecting you to the point where you wouldn't even feel the needle go in (when it is mixed with the "pre-numbing gel") ^_^.

    Overall man it's 2015 so everything is a lot easier/less painless when it comes to visiting a dentist these days when compared to way back when where MFs truly despised them (dentist) <3</a>

    • less painful*

      visiting the dentist these days *

    • Hmm well, how do you know if you have an infection?
      Yeah Im scared of the needle.. I watched my sister have an injection in the gum and her face was like 100% pain. plus she told me it hurt like a bitch.
      Does sound nice being comforted by a gentle dentist while having a needle. but that's not selling it for me.
      ... Oh if only the Dragonballs were real lmao... all my dental problems would be peachy..

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  • Just get really drunk before you go. Also see if they have Nitrous Oxide for sedation. It will make it fun!

  • Sweet air and novocaine always worked for me , I just hate the cost of it all

    • Sweet air and novocine? O. O

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    • Yeah I hate it too that's why I do the gas first, they can also put you completely out if you want and wake up done with no pain except soreness later on

    • Being put out completely sounds a lot more fun than being awake tbh..
      Hmm.. Id be afraid Id let out some secrets and not remembering. lol

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