Am I depressed or just having a life crisis?

I've always been a very happy bubbly person. But after getting out of school I've felt a lot of pressure and stress. It just feels like such an inbetween stage of life (no longer a kid, but not an adult). I've been taking responsibility and doing things with my life yet I still just feel really inadequete and alone.

I've been sleeping a LOT more than usual. On days that I don't have any obligations I usually sleep in till mid-afternoon. I used to be the type of person who just liked being awake just to enjoy life. Now I feel like what's even the point of being awake unless I have to be. I've tried reaching out to a loooooot of people, just to hang out, just to get out the house, and have been shot down so many times, because so many people don't care when I'M lonely, they only hit me up when THEY don't have anything else to do. I've even told quite a few of my friends how lonely I've been. They don't take me seriously. And I have a hard enough time letting out my feelings as is.

This just feels crazy to me because I haven't felt this way before. Sadness feels like a cloud hovering in my mind. Friendships seem to wax and wane. Is this a normal in-between stage of life I'm facing? Or could this be developing into something deeper?

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  • I think you've reached the stage when you realize that after all that time spent wishing to be grown up, you really wish you hadn't grown up. This song has always helped me because it is nice to hear someone articulate it as well as he does and know that other people feel the same way, too.


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  • You feel like you have nothing else to do with your life and this scares you.
    You should find things to do so you don't feel so useless, lazy, and alone. (You aren't)
    You just need to keep busy and more productive! It's going to be all right!


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  • Depression is when you have no energy to do anything, you feel like your life as no purpose and you feel there's no point in doing anything because nothing brings you joy any more, not even your favourite hobby or things you love. You feel low constantly and this goes on for months for it to be considered depression. You're probably sleeping more due to no routine.

  • Your nostalgic about things you once had but now it seems like you gotta start again, building new friendships and losing old ones