Annoying Flatting Situation?

I'm going to be as objective as I can about this. I flat with 3 other people (X, Y, Z) and I told all of them at the beginning of the year that I would be happy to stay at the same flat next year and find others to take over their rooms.
It's September and usually people start finding people to take over flats in October. I had no idea that X had found some people that "might" be keen to take over the flat, I also had no idea that she already talked to the property manager that we all wanted to move out. One day, X came into my room was said, "We are having some people over to view the flat who might want it" and I was in a rush to go somewhere so I was like okay. At this time I hadn't thought about it and it was when I realised that since X was showing it to other people that I need to find others to be able to tell them that I want to stay "for sure" and no "might" about it.
I managed to find 3 other people and so I posted on our FB group since I never see X, Y, Z all together and said since I haven't been told about much, I would like to stay and I've found other people who are keen. Then X and Y comes to me a week later blaming me saying it's my fault for not telling them and X already promised it to another group and they were ready to sign the lease. At first I thought well, I'm happy to compete against the other group for the flat but then X and Y said that legally the other group couldn't have the flat unless I sign it over so I was like okay thinking that obviously no brainer, I can keep the flat. I talked to the property manager anyway and everything was ready until Z decided to tell me after that she wants to also stay so one of my people has to go and that she's allowed to cause I did the same thing to Z which is fair enough.
But, I'm just annoyed and I want to know is this all my fault? Opinions?

Also, I was the only person that wrote down what my plans were and posted it on the FB group so everyone could see. No one else posted earlier or even commented on my post about what they were thinking so everything else was word of mouth that never reached me.


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  • I do not think it is your fault.


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  • I think you laid it out on the table from the beginning... it was their fault when you told them you were staying and they felt the need to find others. Its the landlords worry, not yours to find other people but because you wanted to stay you should have been the only one worrying about it. They butted in and they had no right to :)

    • Thank you for your opinion! I just felt so helpless and I really don't like arguing against 3 people with just me on one side so I've let them blame me but it's nice to know for myself that it's not completely my fault. :)

    • OK I am going to tell you something here and its a huge life lesson. If you are in the right then fight your point. You did nothing wrong, if they are going to be like this they are people not worth knowing and you worry about yourself. As long as you are ok its not your responsibility to sort their mess. If the other girl wants to stay then let her if its not an issue. The Landlord would be happier having you guys than other people. Saves on a load of work.
      Just try and find another flatmate to join you. x

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  • In the sense that you should have been more open from the get-go, yes. However, adults are capable of making their own decisions and you can only control your own.

    • Yeah, and they made the decision for me that I was going to move out even though I wasn't, but it is still more my fault?

    • I wouldn't say so. Everyone is an adult here and assigning blame is a waste of time. Misunderstandings happen which is why open communication is important.

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