Am I Overreacting? He didn't reply for over 12 hours?

So for the last two weeks I have been talking to this guy for pretty much everyday after we met. He was so talkative and making an effort to talk to me etc.

But for the last two days I have barely heard from him, it took him over 12 hours to respond to my last message saying he was sorry for not answering earlier, + answer to my question.

I know he has a visitor from home, but it only takes 30 sec to reply. Within him not answering I kinda moved on because he isn't showing interest and also signalizing to me that im not important enough.

I dont expect him to message me everyday, but it shouldn't take 12 hours to respond to a easy question.

I still haven't answered him back... Thats over 12 hours now.. but im torn between messaging him back or Just ignoring him... so any advice? Am I overreacting?


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  • It might seem quite messed up but it works for me but if I message a girl regularly I usually stop for a day or two and if she doesn't at least message me a hey you there or something I take it that she's not interested or the type that expect guys to chase her so I just delete their number and go to the next one

    • Well I know his friend from overseas is visiting him so I Just assumed he was busy hanging out with him and didn't have time for me until he leaves

    • Then it's most likely that so don't worry

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  • You're overreacting. I mean sometimes we forget sometimes we don't have time and get so busy.
    And it also depends on the question you asked him. if it was too personal or not.

    • I asked him if he was going to a bar or a party... not that personal

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    • i doubt he's hiding anything.. he told me he went to a huge dinner party or something.. And the thing is since we aren't exclusive i feel like i dont have the "right" to questione what he does on his spare time... he doesn't owe me anything if you know what i mean

    • Got it.
      So he ain't lying and eventually he replied. he didn't ignore you for 48 hours or more.
      Calm down :)

  • Yes, you are overreacting. 12 hours? Geez! You sound a bit clingy. He probably needed his space, since you two talked every day for two weeks. Give it a day or two before he responds.

    • Before he respons? He sendt the last message

    • Then reply back. But if you two texted every day for a few weeks, then he needs his space. Give it a day or two.

  • Yes, yes you are.

    • Okay.. so what so I do now? Wait untill he message me again or?

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    • thanks! when it comes to guys i deff need someone to talk to!

    • Feel free to message me when ya want then, I'm fine with talking or listening either one.

  • Wait if he texts you he's interested if not move on

    • Do you mean if he texts me again? Because he did message last night, but I haven't replied yet

    • Yes if he texts you again cuz personally if I'm interested in a girl I wold text here everyday (not every minute or even hour depens on how close we are) if not I wold just reply when she text and occasionally text here

  • It has been a long time but just wait until he gets back to you.


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