How can you tell if someone has blocked your phone number?


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  • If it's a handset option of blocking then generally whenever you call it will maybe ring half or a single ring and disconnect. This procedure will repeat every time you call that number from yours.

    If it's a services provider feature then there should be an announcement stating that your calls won't be received or your calls are blocked by user or similar

    • I'm worried if I attempt to call and they did not block me then my caller id will show! If you dial *67 from your number will it go to voice mail after a ring as well?

    • 1. Even if the number is blocked by service provider, they'll get a text that your number tried to call them
      2. If it's a handset feature then the short ring you hear before getting cut off will give them a missed call
      3. If the receiving number is set to divert all calls or if unanswered or if busy to voicemail and your calls are leading to voice mail then your number isn't blocked UNLESS the receiver's service provider / handset allows a feature to divert all calls from a particular number to voice mail / alternate number :)

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  • I mean blocked your number from some kind of messaging system like Whatassp or Viber?

    • via phone.

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    • regular phone

    • ohh that then I dont know

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  • you can't tell.