Has anyone taken martial arts? What does it teach you about weapons?

Don't you think it's a bunch of false confidence to think that you are actually able to protect yourself from people that have knives and guns?


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  • Yeah, I studied Wing Chun Kung Fu while I was in high school. I loved it. I saved up $ with my kung fu brothers and we went to visit Ip Mans grave (Bruce Lees master). I met Ip Mans son, Ip Ching. Learning martial arts was probably the best decision I've ever made. It taught me so much...
    Anyway, to your question learning martial arts isn't only about protecting yourself, but knowing yourself more. Sure, it's the smart decision to avoid any type of fight but when it really comes down to the moment knowing ANYTHING about how to defend yourself is very valuable. Like all skills in life, to get better at something you must experience it first hand. So if you want to learn how to fight, you must learn about what fighting is and how to fight in such an organized and well practiced form. This way you aren't just stepping into a fight and being an unfamiliar naive person, you're more comfortable and focused about what to do.
    It's amazing how many forms of martial arts there are. Many are still being made this day. None are more inferior than the other, it honestly comes down to the disciple of the art. A smart disciple wouldn't choose to get in a fight with knives or guns unless they didn't have a choice. Martial arts helps you become familiar with self discipline and respect for others more than fighting, really...
    Basically what I mean is... Those who have a 'false confidence' about protecting themselves from knives and guns are pretty damn stupid. Lol

    • the answer is pepper spray... other than that... eye gouging and biting...

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    • If they knew how to aim it, yes lol.

    • yea basically...

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  • Well keep in mind, some of these martial arts are being taught by guys who legitimately stare down the barrel of a gun or have to deal with knives everyday.

    Krav Maga for example. It already teaches you off the bat that a gun from point blank range, you're pretty fucked. But it does give you legitimate, actual, realistic tools on how to handle weapons at varying ranges.

    Will they always succeed? Of course not, nothing is guaranteed in a fit, especially if they pull a weapon on you, but having trained knowledge and reaction time to handle situations most certainly improve your chances. And if someone were to pull a weapon on me, I would DEFINITELY take any advantage I could POSSIBLY get.

    But that shit they show in the movies where the dude kicks the gun out of the guy's hand? Bullshit.

    • I don't think there is any way to defend yourself from any gun... training or no training... or even pepper spray for that matter...

    • You... you DO know people have been able to disarm guys with guns at very close quarter ranges right? Like, actual, recorded stories and video footage.

      If you're talking if the guy is from far away, yeah, you're definitely right about that, that isn't looking too good. But people very much have been disarmed when they try and pull guns on people from close range. Do a quick youtube search, you'll find quite a few.

    • why would someone who has a gun stand at close range, and for every one that has been disarmed, there has been about 1,000,000 that weren't...

  • Yeah, don't bother bringing martial arts moves to a gunfight.

    But martial arts teaches you how to be very aware of everything going on around you. You learn to avoid trouble that you can't handle.

    • what do you mean by avoid trouble that you can't handle? And what would be the epitome of martial arts if I wanted to see it on YouTube? Should I look at MMA?

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    • Pepper spray comes in several strengths. The 2% spray is more common and is sold more widely. 10% spray is not as available and it's not legal in some areas (Canada etc.). I keep 10% spray in the center console of my truck.
      Judicious use of lethal force means that in using a weapon you do so in a way that will not cause you to be arrested. Cops that shoot fleeing suspects in the back are not using lethal force judiciously. They are murderers. Cops that shoot angry charging perpetrators are not held guilty if they happen to kill.

    • Yea self-defense...

  • The truth is most fights are spontaneous and depends on the situation. Yes you can know martial arts but it won't help if they have a gun, perhaps you know how to fend off a knife but still what if there's like 5 guys.

    But martial arts is just one of the many weapons you can equip yourself with. You could also carry a legal knife for self defense, or even a firearm if your state allows that. And of course the best weapon is knowledge, know how to present yourself as an intimidating target. I live in a big city known for its crime and I think one reason I have been safe so far is because I am a large man and walk very fast, so I present myself as a confident person you don't want to attack. But I am always watching my surroundings, checking alleys and corners, etc.

    • yes... and there is a big difference between knife and fist... and don't you think you are being delusional if you think you can defend yourself from a knife attack? slash, stab, slash, stab... what exactly are you planning on doing here?

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    • Yes a sleeve or like a sweater. Knives aren't lightsabers, a thick wrapped cloth will fend them off during a fight. Take a towel and fold it, then try to stab it with your knife or cut it. It's definitely not doing to cut all the way through if even at all, and if you have your hand underneath the towel it would be unharmed.

      Yes pepper spray would be ideal, but most people don't carry it on them.

    • I carry pepper spray... and you can't protect your neck with a towel... you can't protect everywhere...