I feel stupid compared to him?

I just met this guy at school and I like him. I would definitely call myself smart. I am a great writer and reader and I have always done well in school. However, this guy is from another country and he seems to have so much knowledge inside him. The way he speaks is amazing and his ideas are those I never would have thought of in the first place. I do not want him to view me as a ditzy American girl just because I talk really fast and giggle a lot. I want him to think I am smart because I am. How can I make sure he does not view me like that? By the way he does not actually tell me I am stupid or anything like that. He is very nice.


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  • Don't giggle and make a fool of yourself around him. Talk with big words and read the news

    • The thing is that is who I am. I like to laugh and be silly but I also like to be serious.

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