Back from the club. Should I go get popcorn?

Should I go to sleep or should I go get popcorn?

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  • A night out isn't complete without some food. In Spain we eat churros at 7 am, but I doubt you'll find churros near you, so go get some popcorn.

    • We have those in Miami they are big here

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    • @Iron_Man Oh yeah, that error happens to me all the time, it pisses me of cause I have the notification but I can't see the post.
      These are the ones I'm talking about:

    • That looks good

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  • Its the weekend you need to have some munchys and enjoy a late night movie.

  • Why kum and get meh instead baby Luna 👄

  • They say if you eat after 12 am, it'll give you nightmares. Just go to bed


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