[Puzzle] For how long did husband walk?

There's a couple. Husband daily arrives at a certain time to the railway station from the work. At the same time wife daily reaches to the railway station from home to pick up her husband. One day, husband arrived 1 hour earlier than regular arrival time. So he starts walking on their regular way to the home. On the way his wife picked him up. When they reached home, he noticed that they're at home 10 minutes earlier than daily time. So for how long husband walked?

No one?


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  • Good question!
    I took time because I thought it is a trick question, but it is merely a physics/math question. Sometimes it is not good to overthink.

    The answer is 55 minutes. If I am wrong, then I'd like to know the right answer. ^-^

    • Yup, that's very simple! You're awesome ^.~

    • Yup, just a few assumptions and a simple formula. Thank you. ^-^

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  • RUN and hide!!! this is a trick to math!!