What do you think about Taylor Swift's letter to Apple?

I know it's been a while since this happened, but I realized what she actually meant today. I found out streaming services pay ridiculous royalties to artists, like YouTube paying $5,679 to Meghan Trainor for 178 million streams. Now that I know this, I agree with her and can see this from the artist's point of view.

I'm still not rich, and I have no choice but pirate for the most part (I don't agree with "you'll go without it if you can't afford it", music has a value like she says but listening to music shouldn't be a prilevege exclusive to rich people) but from now, I decided to avoid streaming services thatand buy when I can. I'd sign up for Tidal, but it doesn't have many artists I like.

Her letter:


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  • I don't really care, since I'm not a T. Swift person (though she's VERY attractive). But, what I do want to say is that, if artists want to be paid, they shouldn't be going after things like Itunes (since you buy songs from there, unless you have a hack that works), they should be going after sites like Youtube. I'm able to just rip songs off of Youtube now, since most music sharing programs don't work anymore (Limewire, Morpheus etc..). They should be trying to shutdown Youtube, not Itunes.

    Oh, and libraries too. I'm easily able to just rip songs from cd's I get from the library. I just have to hope that they've ordered that particular cd.

    I'm telling ya, I don't know how artists survive these days, and I know I'm not paying for songs but, hey, if it's available for free, why not get it, right?


Most Helpful Girl

  • And yet Meghan Trainor makes a quarter million a year. Youtube is just one leg of income. Streaming services by themselves add up as well. You got youtube, apples, spotifiy and whatnot. Essentially streaming services aren't that different from radio channels.
    The main money comes from sales and tours it's no secret. Before streaming services, music was just pirated, no money at all. At least they get something now. And they're great aspiring artists you can broadcast their music to the whole world, a chance they'd otherwise never get.

    I do agree on one thing, a big multi million company like apple, should pay for their own promotions (such as the 30day free trial) and not pass on the costs to artists. Which I think was her main point


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What Guys Said 6

  • yea but yet most popular artists are pretty loaded... so whatever they make enough money.. too bad taylor

  • Those royalties don't sound ridiculous to me. For 178 million streams Meghan Trainor should get a lot more than 5 grand.

    • I meant ridiculously low.

  • artist make money on their tours not album sales.

  • Taylor can suck a butt.

  • only teens care about her , rest of the grown groups don't give a rat ass

    • That's really offensive and ageist.

  • I see Taylor's point, but the problem is that the streaming services can't simply choose to pay the artists more. They're struggling to make money; even the more established ones such as Pandora and Spotify have never been profitable. They can't give the artists money they don't have have. Read this:



What Girls Said 1

  • I understand where she is coming from. I can understand it.
    However, how rich is she? How much money does she make every day? Is this really something she needs to be whining about? How about the fact that on the entire internet you can NOT listen to her music unless it's her music video. She has invested a lot of money (by having people removing all her music available for free) into LIMITING people from her music. I don't think thats fair, especially when she really does have far more money than she could ever need. It's petty.