Guys, about paypal?

I have a negative balance on paypal (i don't want to pay it , 375$) my card is attached on paypal , but today i closed my card.
If i make another card on another bank and try to buy from sites (without using paypal) but directly pay from my card, will everything be fine?


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  • nothing will be fine

    • u mean everyting will be bad?

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    • why more debt? i am going to make another card to another bank, balance will be on 0

    • are you serious? lol
      a new card doesn't make the debt you made with the other one go away... paypal wants their money and if you linked your card to it then they know who you are. They will come to get your money and the longer you wait the more expensive it gets.

      sry but if this is how you think then you shouldn't have a credit card at all <_<
      if you have the money then you should pay it. what you do is fraud and will get you in trouble

  • You would have to change banks for that to work. They're gonna bill your bank and the bank will give them your information to bill you. Your bank has to do that stuff or else they get stuck with the tab.