Girlfriend moves too slow and wonders why she's Fat?

I swear this is going to sound like nit picking but in this respect we're both very different. She's black and into yoga

I tend to walk fast. when I'm doing a physical task i tend to get it done as quickly as possible leaving time to do other things.

She's different, it takes us 4 x longer to walk places (she also has slightly longer legs than me). She'll walk incredibly slow and won't speed up if she needs to.

When we're on holiday, she'll want to relax excessively. when i go abroad, i don't go places to not see anything. I want to make the most of my time there by travelling and seeing new things and doing physical experiences. she moved very slowly and wanted to lay on the beach a lot and spend a lot of time in restaurants etc. She tells me she envies me for being in such good shape

Just wondering how common this is and how you cope


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  • Everyone has a different pace...


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