Picking your nose?

I think one of the strangest concepts is the art of nose picking. We all do it. Now I want to know the details :)
Comment: Why you pick your nose, where you pick your nose, and when you pick your nose!

  • I seriously, honestly, most certainly do not pick my nose
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  • I do pick my nose but shhhh don't tell anyone
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  • I am a proud nose picker and I will do it whenever I feel like it
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  • I always use my handkerchief as a 'shield' when I have to pick my nose in public. But I don't do it unless it's absolutely essential!


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  • I blow snot rockets, and wipe it on my shirt, but definitely don't pick it

  • mainly in the morning as I seem to have a ton of stuff blocking my nostrils after a good nights sleep. so much so that I have to remove it otherwise breathing through my noise is obstructed.


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