If there was a war between straights and gays, for whose side will bisexuals fight for?

By "war" i meant taking weapon and fighting for some kind of superiority or to vanish either straights or gays from the world (straights fight for vanish gays form the world and gays fight for vanish straights from the world) now i wonder at this time for whose side will bisexuals support for, will individual bisexuals check their straightness and gayness putting in a balance before they choose the side they should fight for?

Please note: at this time both straights and gays are in same amount of human and weapon power.


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  • Depends. I'd like to say they'd be conchies. Some would probably support the straight people because there are more straight people so they'd be more likely to win. Some would support the gay people because they are also members of the MOGAI community. Most I think unless they were conchies would support whichever side their loved ones were on


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  • All women are bisexual

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    • Have any evidence against it? , didn't think so! @Bards

    • Well that is scary. I've never even liked the sight of 2 women kissing and always found it disturbing. Let alone watching a lesbian p*rn that would be a huge torture for me. I see some girls here are objecting to it so I don't know. I agree that there is a high portion of bi people being females and that females are more flexible in switching their sexual identity but I believe women like me who identify themselves as 100% straight wouldn't be attracted to lesbians or be more flexible with that. I am not sure if they chose women who are truly sure that they are 100% straight in this study.

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  • Ummm I have nooo idea, probably with the gay side?

  • You can't know.


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  • The one with more chances of winning :p

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