You have a chance to win a 5 year $250 million dollar contract of tax free money. To get it, would you?

Let a martial arts master roundhouse kick you in the face with combat boots on 3 times a month for 2 years.

Make 50 videos of your self naked licking and french kissing the ground, slapping the shit out of yourself and punching the ground singing fetty wap's "trap queen" and send the videos to all social media sites with you telling them your real name and what city/town and state you live in.

Crickets crickets


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  • The second one.. No cares anyway

    • Why not the 1st?

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    • Dude! It is pretty damn obvious. Why? You prefer the kicks in the head?

    • What would you do after you did the 2nd one?

What Guys Said 1

  • A persons face could not take that kind of treatment. Thats like every week time to get kicked in the face full out. A persons face would be broken after a while and once its broken here comes another one. And I am not making nude videos looking like a tard doing all that

    • Why not the 2nd? You would be rich.

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    • Fuck what others think . You would be rich.

    • Its what I would think of myself first then the others

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