Let me ask this... I'm just curious. To the people that don't believe in hell why do you get so offended when people tell you your going there?

I'm not judging anyone. I'm not saying your going there. I was honestly curious. If he'll in your opinion doesn't exist why does it matter when people tell you, your a sinner going to hell or something like that? Why get so defensive?

Honest answers please. Don't be mean. I was honestly just curious.


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  • It's insulting by it's very nature. You are literally saying that this person does not stand up to your standards. It's also an act of proselytization, an attempt to convert someone to your beliefs. Also many people have different deffinitions of Hell, to some you are referring to the Norse Goddess Hella who takes the unworthy souls to Niflheim (land of Mists).
    -The term hell comes directly from her name-
    And even if they have no beliefs themselves there is the fact that often it's cursed with such venom that the tone itself is offensive. It's possible for someone to hurl an insult at you in another language, and even if you don't know what the words mean you know that it was not very nice. Same thing.

    • What if they say it in a pleading way. Like they are trying to save you. Not a better than though but a i love you and I want you to know.

    • It's even worse, you are. proselytizing, people should have the right to decide their own religion. Imagine if some Muslim was pressuring you to embrace Islam. You wouldn't be okay with that, would you? Why is it okay for you to pressure someone to convert to Christianity? This is the problem with black and white thinking when it comes to religion, if you are right everyone else must be wrong. I am highly religious but pagan. I will never tell you that your God is false or wrong, but you would be happy to tell me that my gods are? That's one hell of a double standard.

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  • Honestly the only time I've ever been told that is when I say I'm an atheist. It doesn't offend me, it just makes me think they're an idiot. Someone has different opinions so you automatically attack them? Just seems immature to me.

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  • Because the Holy Spirit moves. First of all, telling someone to go to hell is rude. Its rude because its like calling someone bad names. If you're a Christan, its a sin to dam people to hell. (I'm not implying that you're a Christian)

    • Not telling them to go to hell. But if a christian warns someone of hell. Why do people get offended? Even if one tries to do it in the nicest way possible.

    • You ask a good question. Maybe because the spirit lives inside us. Now, maybe, the flesh and the spirit fights one another. When the spirit hears the WORD OF GOD, he moves in us to reveal all truth. Therefore, the flesh fights to understand the truth. Or you can think non-religous and say, stop talking about hell, do you think im gnna go to hell, prove it! Huh? How do you know? When you tell someone about hell, the first thing come to mind is GOD. Now, there is standard in Christianity to keep out of hell, and that is to believe in the LORD JESUS CHRIST and repent and turn way from your sins. Now, when you tell someone about hell, they know there is a standard to be in hell, so you make them fell bad.

    • I guess your right even if your trying to help it's like your saying "your a terrible person, your life you live gets you nowhere but hell." Even if it happens to be true people hate that.

      I mean Jesus came to earth and did nothing but love everyone and people hated him so much to kill him when he came to save them. His only crime was love.

      I don't understand never will understand why people hate christians so much.

  • They get offended because people have egos, and you are giving them the biggest insult to their ego you can possibly give. You are saying, "You are so bad so evil you could never deserve eternal life. You deserve nothing but death and eternal damnation, that is how wretched and arrogant your attempts to earn righteousness are."

    Of course all that is true, and the first step to becoming a Christian is acknowledging that you are damned on your own efforts, and only through Christ can you have salvation. People get offended when you tell them they're going to Hell because they hate to admit they need saving in the first place. They think to themselves, "I'm a good enough person! I don't need a savior I can earn my right to be in heaven!" But that's simply not true.

  • I don't, I treat it like the joke it is.

    Heaven is even more ridiculous. I like Mark twain's parody of it myself


    Though James Branch Cabell's briefer treatment of both heaven and hell is also quite amusing.



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  • I think people get mad because they feel that others are pushing their beliefs on them. I think anyone would get mad if someone was forcing their beliefs on them.

    • What if the person doesn't push but they are honestly trying to help save you if you will?

    • There's a difference between telling someone and pushing someone

  • You don't get to make assumptions about someone when you don't know shit. People don't care about what you say, but the fact that you think you can tell them about their life. Who the fuck are you to do that? God? Oh wait...

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