Could somebody say something to cheer me up?

Today something happened that made me feel deeply sad and hopeless. I'd rather not say what happened, but it had such a negative effect on me that I cried for the first time since last November. It's like my world fell apart.

No, I'm not about to die. It's hard to describe how I feel. It's like I have no time left even having all the time in the world. It's like the world around me is about to end and I'll keep alive completely hopeless. I have never felt this way before. I look to the future and I see only darkness, it's as if I'm completely powerless to stop what has started and this will affect me directly. I can see no light, I can only weep and wait for the destruction, I feel there's no coming back. Suddenly everything has lost the meaning. It's more or less how I'm feeling right now.

I know that maybe I only need time to process everything. I know that it's hard for you to say something since I didn't say what happened. Anyway, I'd really appreciate if you could say something to cheer me up.


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  • How are you today? I hope you're feeling a little better <3

    I'm so sorry for whatever happened to make you feel so horrible. Know that you're cared about, and though you may not see it now, everything won't always be so bleak. You will feel happy again, I promise

    • Thank you. Yeah, I'm feeling a little better now, but I still can't help feeling bad when I remember everything :(

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    • No problem :) , the world's a nicer place if we all try and help each other out and be kind to one another <3

    • I couldn't agree more.

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  • You're stronger than you think son, trust me.


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