If I ever had a child, would I be able to give birth normally?

Logic sense tells me that if my mother was able to undergo the natural childbirth process twice without serious complications and is a healthy woman (in her very early 20's the first time and later on at the age of 36 when she had my brother) then I wouldn't have a problem right?

I'm healthy, physically stronger than her and 5'7 (while she's 5'4). Yet, there are some women that have to undergo a C-section. Or would genetics play a role here (if my mother could do then I would be able to do it too)?

I think the C-section creeps me out a bit more than the natural childbirth process. At least afterwards, my body would go back to normal but a C-section would leave you scars.


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  • i don't see any reason y u should be incapable of givin birth...

    u sound a totally healthy individual... but anyway... if givin birth isn't yer first priority atm... it shouldn't bother u a lot... :)

  • Most women should be able to give birth naturally, but you won't know until you get there.


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