Who Here is from Memphis, TN? What's it Like There?


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  • It's just like any other place in the world with its own attractions and diversions. The new Bass Pro Shop in the Memphis Pyramid is pretty cool. It's about 26 stories high, and there's a restaurant/bar at the very top. Beale Street is also pretty cool; lot's of good restaurants around: Texas de Brazil. And of course, there's always Graceland, Elvis's home. Oh and if you're a mathy geometry person, there's the many bridges that connect Memphis with Arkansas. That's everything that I could come up with on the top of my head. Hope this helps!

    • Yes it does, thank u so much. I would love to visit that pyramid so badly. Definitely on my list.

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    • Np, you deserve it 😊

    • Thanks, I try. :)

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  • Good question

    • Thank u. I'm supposed to be going there in a month and I'm seriously curious :3

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