How would you describe todays American culture?


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  • I'm not from the US, but from the US shows I've seen, I feel like it's very centred around looks, wealth and fame. I could be wrong though.

    • Depends on the person really. Like most of my friends who look good are conceited and the ones that are ugly have huge self esteem issues ecause everyone thinks its so important. Wealth is important to gold diggers, your average American doesn't care. Becoming famous islike every americans dream.

    • It's not a good idea to believe that all Americans are like the people in the TV shows. In fact, we are far from it - with some of it.

    • @chrisbigman I know. That's why I said I could be wrong.

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  • Declining. It would be wrong to place the blame on one single factor, but there are a few to stand out.

    1: Technology. No, technology is not evil. But sometimes we can be nuclear giants and ethical infants. The internet has revolutionized society, and the social scientists can keep up. The problems are stacking up too fast.

    2: We're too successful for our own good. You know what kills a nation? When it rests on its laurels. Rome started to decay the day Africanus beat Hannibal. When we don't have some great enemy to unite us, we make enemies of each other. Humans evolved for millions of years living in small communities. And in a few hundred years, we've grown to 7 billion. It's going to be a long time for our human nature to stop holding us back.

    Values can't be passed on if experiences are entirely different. We never had to fight for our freedom. Just like with Rome, we grew up with it. We fight for comfort instead. We regularly hand over our freedoms if it means we can afford a new ipad, or we can feel safer against terrorists and criminals (even though by giving up our freedom, they've taken our most valuable possesion from us).

    However, there are still good things about Americans. When talking to people from other countries, I always here these things. We are positive. We are cheerful. We live life to the fullest. We may be spoiled, but we know how to not be miserable.

    • True. I think that overall we have a good culture but there is jut a couple of bad things about it, thats all.

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  • Today's American culture is crap. Our country is going so far down the tubes that it would be impossible to get back up.

    • This conversation has the potential to get really interesting, can you get into details and give examples please.

    • Where should I begin? There's so much crap going on in the US, that it's hard to know where to start.

  • It's a country that values military above human rights, exactly like Russia.

    • Ops I thought you said America rather then American culture... Their culture is overly religious, kinda like saudi arabia

    • Thats not exactly true. Like there is a lot of talk about abortion, immigration and the federal debt right now.

    • Yeah and it's still considered a HIGHLY concervative and religious country. Don't take my extreme example so literal :P

  • $$$ and hypocrisy.

  • Materialist
    More concerned with appearances and moral posturing than real moral behavior
    Generally benevolent
    Status conscious
    Muddle headed
    Romantic (in the cultural sense of valuing things by their impact on the emotions)

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