What can I use for decent Internet?

So basically where I live there's no access to wired high speed Internet, only dial-up and WiFi but lately my WiFi has been absolutely terrible, and the 20GB data cap is kind of ridiculous and costs me over $120 in overages sometimes, this wouldn't be an issue if I didn't enjoy online gaming so much.. I spent over $3000 for a laptop and high quality microphone with the intention of online gaming and voice chatting, but with this Internet situation I'm unable to do that.. So I've considered getting a Hotspot but the data cap is pathetic on that as well, I've considered getting a tethering plan for my phone but I watch YouTube videos on that, and get 15 GB's at normal speeds until the "fair usage" policy kicks in, which is such bullshit.. So I really don't know where to go from here, it's beyond annoying because wired Internet is across the street but they refuse to run the line, but I see why Canada is rated so low for Internet.. Any suggestions?


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  • What are you calling WiFi? WiFi refers to the wireless connection to a router which is connected to wired or satellite internet. Like at my house I have wired internet come into the house and connect to my desktop computer using ethernet cable from the router. But my laptop connects to WiFi from the same router. If you do not have wired internet, what is your WiFi connecting to?

    • It's connecting to a cell phone tower.. Cutting edge technology right? Lol..

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    • Yeah it's a monthly plan with a terrible data cap, not to mention the overage fee's I deal with almost every month even though we get terrible service.. There's a SIM card in the router so it's kind of like how a phone connects to internet when you're out and about.

    • Would it be simpler to add data to your phone plan, including adding a data only device?

  • Ouch reading that you spent 3 grand on an Alienware hurt what's left of my soul but why not game at a library since it's a laptop

    • I'm stuck using laptops because of my disability, and for the same reason I can't game in comfort anywhere but my house, and when you're gaming Skype or teamspeak calls can get pretty intense so a library is not the best place :P

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