I got called for a Role in a show Man of la Mancha role: Captain of the inquisition? should I do it?

so i didn't audtion for my colleges new play man of la mancha & our director wanted me specifally for this role and she asked me if i could do and i dont need to memorize any lines or coem to rehersals casue illl be reading some lines backstage durring the show i was wondering if anyone knows anything bout the role or show or lines. i googled but i couldnt really find anything bout the character


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  • If you are interested. Tell her you would like to have a look through the script. It honestly wouldn't hurt at all. When you get the opportunity to do something like this (and even in movies) you have the choice of reading the script once or twice before you come to the conclusion of wanting to be in it or not.

    A lot of mistakes are made when some people just jump on the opportunity and have not read the script (lines) and end up not liking the story line or etc

  • if your in to doing that you should do it


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