I want to be an au pair but I am not yet 18?

Hello everyone!

I am in my final year of high school (I live in the Netherlands) and I would love to be an au pair in the summer months before I start my study at university. I am going to study English language and culture and that is why England would be the ideal place. Last weekend I visited Torquay for the Agatha Christie festival and I absolutely loved it! I have decided that is where I would like to go. But there is a problem, I won't be 18 when I finish high school and that makes it hard to find a family because I can't make an account on the agency website. That is why I want to ask you guys if you can help me?


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  • 1. Are you qualified to watch someone's child?
    2. Do you have experience?
    3. Are you doing this just for a free vacation to another country?
    4. Make sure you do this for the right the right reason
    5. Dont create a profile until you're of age. There's no hurry

    • I have a lot of experience with both watching kids as well as helping them with their homework. I could get good references from the families I worked for. I want to be an au pair for a number of reasons:
      1 I love working with kids
      2 I am going to study English language and culture
      3 I would like to gain (working) experiences
      4 I want to earn some money before I start university

      The problem is, once I start my studies I won't have time to go any more so there is a hurry. I want to find out if there is any way I could be an au pair at age 17.
      Thank you for your answer!