I'm having LDR Troubles? Can a man really be too into his work to contact his woman for awhile?

For the past week or so my LDR boyfriend hasn't been voluntarily checking in on me as much as he used to. Actually the last time he checked in on me was last week today. He told me he's got more overtime at work to his already extended work hours. He's an electrician. So after every other or two days this week, I've contacted him first but keep it super light. Just how I'm praying for his strength at work, checking to see how he's holding up, that i love him and am proud of him. And that's it. Of course he always replies back to me, which is good. Other than that, I don't hear from him as much as I used to anymore. Could it be a possibility he's not interested in me anymore? I'm beginning to fret.


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  • No, he' s probably busy at work. I can understand where he's coming from because work can be very consuming.

    • Yeah 😕... but it doesn't take very long to call or text me "hey, thinking of u." I miss him, obviously.

    • When you become invested deeply into work, it's easy to forget to eat and what time it is. Trust me, I'm sure he is very focused at doing a good job.

    • Thanks
      I was able to talk to him a couple days ago. It was fun and you're right, he's so focused at work

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  • How long have you been together total? How long has it been long distance? Do you actually know this person in real life?

    • We've been together 7 months, known each other and were close friends for a year. I'm an hour ahead of him. Yes, we actually met and know each other in rl.

    • We've always been long distance. I never date guys from my own state. 99.9% of the men here are losers and want nothing in life.

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