Do you love animals?

So me and a friend found out that the pound by us is over populated. Which means any animal that goes there is put down. It is very sad and me and my friend had an idea.
We want to start a farm/shelter for abused and homeless animals. We'd take care of them in a environment that is a lot better then a cage or a pound were they can be happy until someone wants to adopt them.
The only problem is it's a big project that would cost a lot. We'd need support from people and maybe some bigger businesses. Is this a good idea? Would people be willing to help make it happened if we tried?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I love animals so much ❤
    What you wanna do is amazing, people like you make this world a better place.


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  • I love some animals, but not all, I don't like insects, spiders and other similar creatures.


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What Girls Said 2

  • I do but I dont think I have the money to take in a lot of animals like that

  • Yes I love animals but I wouldn't give you money

    • We wouldn't be asking people for money. But to help set it up. We have an idea for the money

    • Then go for it if you have the financial part worked out. It's for a great cause

What Guys Said 2

  • Yes I love them. I think they taste really good.

  • You'll be hard pressed to find people willing to help since no one has guarantees that you'll treat those animals good and won't abandon them when you can't take it anymore.

    • I know. But I love animals and would take as many as possible. It's a lot better then just outing them down

    • Yes, I understand. But others won't know that and they can't simply rely on your word.

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