Why was this Mexican girl staring at me in a creepy way?

Ok so me and my mom was in the line in this place called Burlington to buy my clothes I got and this Mexican lady and her daughter was in front of us and the lady told her daughter to move because they seen us behind them. Then the daughter moved and she started to staring at me in a creepy way and she was smiling and she continued doing on until they went out the store. Now, I can't get her creepy face out my head :( :( :( Why do you think she was staring at me in a creepy way? D: It could be because me and my mom look alike :/

Here's an example on how she was staring at me:

  • Maybe she thought you were pretty.
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  • Maybe she was looking to see how alike you and your mom looks.
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  • I really don't know why.
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  • D:) They were being Discriminatory, @Ashely_Princess...
    I can read between the low life lines here, dear, that being there is so much problems with our own Wide open boarders and the immigrants coming in in Masses and flashes, they feel that Americans living in the USA, are Not their time of day and they do not want to Be... Near us in any way.
    Let it go now. It was a Smirk, I see the pix, so expect it from now in this corrupt country we live in and the government tha tis running it.
    good luck, relax. xxoo

    • Thanks @Paris13 :)

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    • This is complete bullshit

    • Thank you so much, @Ashely_Princess, for the Vote of Confidence, and for allowing me to explain with no pain. xxoo

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  • I was at Walmart, where i was complete gentleman to this Mexican woman
    and her children , i sat down beside them and she spoke in Spanish to her
    children telling them to hurry up and it made me feel like i was being a victim
    in way she did it But in your case the girl made a strange stare she may of not
    meant anything by it but then again maybe she treated you. like i was treated by
    them at Walmart I believe there is good and bad in all people no matter who you
    are i see all people as being equal and i don't judge others cause i wouldn't want
    it to happen to me.

  • She wants the D

  • maybe you look like a burrito to her

    • Lol oh and thanks for answering

  • fascination she probablynever had seen someone like you.

    • True, thanks for answering

  • Maybe she liked you ;) hahah cmon you're probably over thinking!

    • Lol oh :P and yeah true I am, thanks for answering :)

  • This is why I want to hide under 18 questions.


What Girls Said 5

  • Maybe she's special needs/young and there's no rhyme or reason for her behavior?

    • Yeah true and thanks for answering

  • How do you even know if she was mexican? Lol anyways if she like your age and was staring at you can mean a lot of things.

    • Lol I don't know she looked Mexican to me :P and true, thanks for answering

  • Why does it matter that she was Mexican? How do you even know if she was or not?

    • I don't know because she looked Mexican to me

  • some people really don't pay attention to what they are doing lol.. I do agree though.. that's creepy

  • she was probably doing it to creep you out lol

    • Lol yeah and thanks for answering