Should an A student get equally punished for being late to classes (just as a mediocre student does)?

I'm currently in my last year of HS, taking easier classes to raise my 3.62 GPA (and relax a bit more) and it's working. Plus, I got tired of taking AP classes and studying too much.

During all my HS years I've been late to classes a couple times but hardly ever would get a detention. In my freshman year, I came late to math class 5 times, language arts twice and so on during the rest of the school years. However, I never went below a 3.52 and still can be considered the teacher's pet (for instance one day teaching the class as the teacher had to step out for a while or correcting math exams).

As always, there are the typical students that do poorly in grades and conduct as well as those with good conduct but mediocre grades. A couple of them were already getting a detention after the 2nd or 3rd time. A girl with several C's one day asked the math student ''But why isn't MelbaB getting a detention, she comes late more than I do'' and the teacher just changed the topic and still gave her a detention.

However, there is always a strict teacher; that one didn't care and gave me a detention right on the 2nd time. She knew my grades and overall good conduct but treated me as an equal, the same as if a mediocre student came late.

  • Nah... as long as you're an A student and can catch up even when being late
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  • Yes, there should be no differences... doesn't matter if you're the smartest one in the class
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Certain days I would just come a bit late because I knew the class was easy and was just bored. Though, I would just be late by a couple mins, 10 at most.


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  • I have a very strong sense of fairness, so I think all students should be treated fairly regardless of how good they are academically speaking (I have always been one of the best students in my class back in high school by the way. We don't have "easy" and "hard" classes, all subjects are mandatory for everyone).
    However, I also find it completely silly that you get a detention when you come late to school. I spent a year in the US as an exchange student during my high school and I think the one thing that bothered me by far the most about America was that as a teenager, you constantly get babied everywhere and by everyone who is an authority figure (so both parents and teachers). I really missed being treated according to my age, as it is the case in my country Switzerland and I was really, really glad when I came back home again and was treated in a normal way again. As a high school student in America - although I liked everything else and I had awesome teachers - I constantly got treated like a 10-year old and it annoyed the royal shit out of me ;-). Getting detentions for being late is one such example. Although I never got a detention myself, already back then I thought this practice was really ridiculous. In high schools in Switzerland, it works more like in American colleges. Everyone tries to be on time because it's respectful towards the teacher and people try to be quiet when they enter the class later during the lesson but the teachers also don't get pissed or anything. Usually, they just completely ignore you and continue teaching. Others say "good morning, please have a seat" and then continue teaching. All my teachers always said to us "I don't really care whether you attend my lessons or not. If you think sitting at home and playing video games is more fun, go ahead. But don't expect me to have any mercy during the exams. If you don't understand something because you haven't attended my lessons or because you have been reading comics during class, too bad for you." This is usually enough to scare students into studying hard. High school is very tough in Switzerland and only the best students make it to university.


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  • Yes, if you are tardy to class, you should get punished, like everyone else.

    I'm a good student, and get tardies sometimes, and I get Detention for them.


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  • Yes. Rules are rules, and they exist for a reason. Being late to class is a sign of disrespect to an instructor and can disrupt the class.

    In my opinion, there should be no required attendance, but I understand why they do it.

  • As an A student myself, yes. Discipline and grades are two different topics. I know teachers tend to give some space when you have good grades, but it shouldn't be the case.

  • If you break your back to get your work done, that should be respected.

    If you slack off, there's not really anything to respect in that as it is.

  • So people who were late to class because they were sick get punished too? That doesn't seem fair.


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