Why didn't he admit he wants to sleep with me?

I was talking to this guy I like and he said he wanted to sleep with me and I told my friends in class and I think his friends heard so his friends asked him if he would sleep with me and he denied it and said "no I never said that" why is he lying? We are juniors in high school.

  • he doesn't want to sleep with you
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  • He doesn't think you're hot
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  • His friends don't think you're hot
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  • He is embarrassed of you
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  • He doesn't want to seem like a perv
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  • Because that's a sensitive topic! Maybe that's not something he wanted you to tell people, or its embarassing when everyone is talking about it. I would have embarrassed when I was young.

    He probably was just caught off guard.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I vote he doesn't want to be a bad person. there was a guy from church who was a lot more educated then me and he wanted to date me. When I mentioned I would not have sex with him he told me he wasn't interested in me.

    • He only wanted you for sex then.

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  • Do you like him? Cute?

    • Yeah he's cute

    • I thnk that's it's more respectful to not tell everyone and to even deny it to stop the gossip.

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