How to celebrate your birthday at school?


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  • Girls at my school usually get a cake and sing to the birthday girl. I don't see why you'd want to do that at school, but whatever floats your boat. Personally I prefer inviting my friends to come over to my house and celebrate it there.

    • My actual birthday celebration is the 29

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  • In my school, birthday girl would usually bring cookies and candies to treat the whole class, either during the break or during classes with chill teachers.

    Sometimes, they would make mini candy packs for the class. Basically grab a little chocolate, lollipop , a caramel etc. and wrap it all in clear wrapping foil, make one for everyone in your class.

    Also, sometimes birthday person's friends would get a small cake from some nearby bakery. But person celebrating never brought cake though, unusually.

    • We don't have break no more

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  • Lol, I was way too shy for that. But the best strategy is to bring popular treats to get your classmates excited about it.

    • My friends have that covered

  • I did donuts in the parking lot


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