Should you get dreadlocks if your hair is getting thin on the top?

Im thinking about getting dreadlocks and my question is, should I get dreadlocks if my hair is getting thin on the top?

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  • Dreadlocks can work on you still, bruha.

    However, the only thing I would worry about is career aspirations being halted by not having an "assimilated" hairstyle.

    That's why I've never been into eccentric hairstyles. I just get a fade haircut, since I work in and aspire to contine to work in white collar work. :-D


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  • I don't know why everyone says no. As long as you're black, you'll probably be able to pull off dreadlocks (white people have a much harder time looking good with them, and I don't other races ever really try). Maybe not great during a job interview, but fine anywhere else.

  • There are two reasonable option for a guy with thinning hair:

    A: Shaved 1mm
    B: Shaved bald