Ever catch yourself in a situation where someone around you is soooooo ugly that it's hard to stop staring at them?


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  • Yes and I feel horrible :( and then I feel even worse when I thank god I don't look like that. Does that make me a bad person?

    • nope, it makes you normal

    • don't feel horrible its normal, your a normal person

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  • It's happened a few times but only when there's a serious disfigurement like a burn or slanted face..

    One someone bumped into me like that, I turned around and jumped..
    Felt terrible
    I really do try not the state albeit I'm curious sometimes about one happened...

    If it's just a person being unattractive than NO
    I'm not inclined to stare
    Unless they're staring at me so then I mean mug back, so they turn away..

  • Sometimes I've stared at someone I felt was acting in a ridiculous manner and they thought I was checking them out LOL. Don't most ugly people scare your eyes away though?


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