Is it weird that basically have none of the typical male interest (i. e. sports, cars, politics, etc) interest me?

I am a 28 year old living in California originally from Texas, i have never had much interest in the things i mention above ever since i was small, but sports and such just never interested me, they never made sense, my interest have always been more about science, space, sci-fi, technology, anime, games, pretty much strictly nerdy things. I was big in middle school and high school and when i was in middle school the football couch came up to me and was like "hey son would you be interested in joining the football team?" i replied "no i don't like sports.." he had this shocked look on his face and i think i rememeber him trying to convince me but i just shut him down. Anyways it just seems like a lot of people around me (including close family) and most people i meet are into sports and other manly things, so i find it really difficult to relate to most men as we do not share the same interest, but this also somewhat affects me with the ladys sometimes as well because few females have the same interst as me. Most people my age are interested in going out and partying, and getting drunk on weekends, or are on the other end of the spectrum and are super into physical activity, and outdoors, and hiking and stuff. So in general i find it hard to relate to most "normal" people. But anyways sorry for the long post, i just wanted to see what random stranges think of my personality, and whether or not there are others out there like me, more specifically of the opposite sex.


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  • I'm not of the opposite sex but I will answer your question anyway ;-).
    I can understand and sympathize with you very well. In fact, I feel very similar. I do like politics a lot and I'm also politically active myself but that's perhaps also because I come from Switzerland and our political system is a direct democracy (the reason this is important in this context is that I feel like people here are generally much more involved in politics. Being well-informed is considered a precondition to be able to participate in our system (because every citizen has some power) so we have political education in schools for example).
    But apart from politics, I also don't share too many stereotypical man-hobbies with other guys. Like you, I find cars and sports very boring. And just like you, many of my interests are kinda nerdy. I am a pretty nerdy person and I'm actually proud of it :-). I also love science a lot (both the natural sciences and the humanities/social sciences), I love having endless discussions about one topic where you can talk about every detail of that topic (rather than jumping from one topic to the next), I like studying, I like learning new languages, I love watching documentaries etc..
    For me, it is in a way even more complicated because I'm also not a stereotypical man when it comes to my character. I'm a very soft and sensitive person. I'm a good listener, I love cuddling, I like to talk a lot... basically I would make a pretty good girl :-).

    For a long time, I too struggled to find a girlfriend who would take and accept me the way I am. It is indeed a very difficult thing to achieve. I have had the luck to find the girl of my dreams. Basically, I've found a girl who is a bit nerdy herself (so we match well) and who is tolerant enough to not give a rat's ass about all this gender-stuff. Because... let's be honest: saying that liking sports or being a sensitive person are typical male or typical female features is complete bullshit. Some people like sports, some don't. Some people are soft and sensitive, other's aren't. It doesn't really matter whether you are a guy or not. My girlfriend likes me because I'm a good listener and because I'm sensitive. She doesn't think that makes me girly. I'm just a little different maybe.

    As for guy friends, I have to admit that I'm still struggling with this myself. I have very, very few guy friends. It's generally very hard to find people who are tolerant enough to accept people who are a bit different.

    • I agree with everything you have said, and i really appreciate the detail and time you took to write this reply, politics isn't really important to me because i feel like my opinion ultimately doesn't really matter in the long run, and it can be such a hassle to get up and vote, also there has never been a candidate who i ever felt strongly enough about to vote for, although i think if Hilary stays in the election this time around i might just register to vote just to see a female president in office and also out of everyone i feel the Clinton administration made the most positive difference and she seems the most qualified seeing as how she has been involved so deeply in politics so for so long. Plus she was a bit of hippy when she was young and i can identify with that haha. But anyways yeah my biggest complaint is the not finding compatible girls, that's awesome you found someone who likes you for who you are its a rare thing these days, and is ultimately something i hope for.

    • Yeah... I really understand you. I think the only piece of advice I can give you is to stay who you are. Ultimately, it was also tons of luck and coincidence that I even met my girlfriend but what matters is that she fell in love with me because I was authentic in being different. I wasn't just some dude pretending to be something in order to impress her. I might be weird or nerdy in the opinion of the average girl but my girlfriend liked my authenticity and was thus able to see the charm of it. So, while I am unfortunately not able to give you any good advice on how to find a sweet girl who loves you the way you are, I want to tell you to stay just like you are because once you encounter this person (and I assure you, there are girls like this out there!), she will appreciate your authenticity and walk the extra mile to get to know and love you. Don't feel ashamed of who you are. It just takes a particularly cool person to realize how cool you are :-).

    • Sorry for the late response but thank you for your encouragement

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