Building chemistry and a friendship when the guy and girl are both introverts?

I'm not too concerned with seduction or sexual tension. I can tell she's attracted but I say "hi", she says "hi"and walks away. I say "how's you're day" she says "fine" and continues on her way. She seems attracted, but obviously really introverted. How would I let a girl like that know I'm into her and want to talk more? Given how brief our conversations are, it's hard to get any conversation going at all. I'm a bit of an introvert, but anywhere as much as much as her.


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  • She's not going to take the lead so if you want something to happen, then you're going to have to force yourself to open up a bit more around her

    • I'm not scared to initiate. She often barely responds, like a deer in the headlights. If I say something fun and cool that's going on she'll say "oh", if I ask her about anything going on in her life, she responds with short answers. Watching her sit up straight and start smiling makes it clear she's attracted.

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