Girls, Could I be pregnant? Or Why is my period late?

Okey so i haven't gotten my period in 2months last time i had sex was about 3weeks ago and The time before that was about 4-5 months ago but we used protection im just worried because i haven't gotten my period and im usally Always on time. I've been gaining weight (im already overweight) I've been feeling moré tried, and i get dizzy a lot and i have this mood swings i can't even stand myself. I feel Something in my stomach at night when im laying down i think their like cramps or Something but i dont feel pain i just feel Something. The reason i think i could be preggo is because this happen to my Mom she got her preiod The first 5 months and people didn't even know she was pregnant not even her. I mean i dont think i am because my stomach isn't hard but then Why haven't i gotten my period? Can anybody help?


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  • You should never go unprotected at your age, that's just a very foolish thing to do. You could be pregnant, you need to go buy a pregnancy test as soon as possible.

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