Do people in big cities generally act different from people in small cities and towns?

I've traveled and move a lot in between denver, population of 2.5 million and pueblo, population of 110 thousand. It seems that people in denver are more rude, talk faster, keep to themselves and mind their own business. Of coarse all of this is a generalization but just let me know on your thoughts and expiernences.


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  • i've lived in both small towns and big cities
    the only big difference i noticed is people's attitudes towards safety
    small town people are more lax about it than big city people i noticed


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  • I grew up in a small town in the middle of nowhere texas, I've lived in Brooklyn, detroit, seattle, hong kong and tokyo, and a few fly spec towns in different parts of the us. People are different everywhere you go. I don't find rudeness to be unique to large cities.

    • Wow, you have been everywhere. What was the biggest difference between people of new york and seattle.

    • Seattle is slow moving and passive aggressive, generally calm, new York is fast, people are more direct, but I always found new yorkers to be pretty polite. Maybe because I had such low expectations when I got there, but I didn't think it really matched up to the stereotype. She n the end though, I didn't like being surrounded by several hours of city in any direction I went, so I packed up and moved to a little slice of heaven named detroit.

    • Mmmm, how is dating in new york, is everyone just scewing everyone, easier to pick up girls, like give me the positives and negatives please?

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