What is your darkest desires?

What are things you've always wanted, and how will you feel when you've yet to obtain them...

My darkest desires?
There beith many things that I desire, but what I desire most is gauntlets.. exspensive chrome and diamonds incrested onto it with the power to emit hypnotic patterns and destort the timeframe on which I stand.

Maybe a hammer that can cause earthquakes that only I can lift, and ofcorse a selected few...

I wouldn't wear it, I would have it just to have it.
But what I want most, is the ability to travel through time and matter morphasis in which the body can become gold, diamonds, and iron...

A massive diamond the size of an car, filled with dark energy and malace...

And a talking dog!

All on which no one can obtain without stealing.
Now what are your desires?


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  • to have the power to control people's mind and make them do what i wish... especially girls mind.. lol


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  • To have extremely pleasurable moments with my boyfriend (soon future husband) that would make even Zane blush with embarrassment. 💋👅👅 Ooolalaaa


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