Why do girls think that men will only love them for sex?


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  • Because.. well.. because.. because of most of their experiences, I guess..
    and those "stereotypical" thought of society contribute too..
    Sad but true..
    people these days should understand that..
    All girls ain't "I want this and I want that"..
    and that all guys aren't "all i want is bitches big booty bitches.."
    people should understand that all people differ from each other in their own ways..
    god damn.. AND people only talk about the bad side of everything.. 10% of the world is bad.. only 10%.. the rest is all good.. but the that 10% is hard to control and should be kept under close consideration and observation..
    what you've just asked does not affect only to girls hun..
    men seem to think all women like guys for their riches..
    which makes us equals. according to the stupid mind of the society.. :(


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  • Because unfortunately that is what many men express very often and thus ruin it for the rest of us.

    • I went on fb and saw my crush liking a post of an intellectual fb girl (her followers say so) but her thoughts are lame
      So it was turning people against us which inspired me to ask this question because thats not me 😕

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  • unfortunately many girls have been screwed over and it's left an impact on them, which i dont blame them for. it's EXACTLY the same as guys who think all women want y'all for ur money. just bad experiences. makes it harder for the good ones to prove themselves.

    • I agree , How can i show a girl that im not only there for sex? 🙅

    • you'll just have to make a huge effort to show that u care for her emotionally as well.

    • or just use her for sex the same as the other guys.

  • I've had bad experience with men trying to use me just for sex. I'm not an easy girl and after awhile they get the hint and stop pursuing me. It's a shame that most men my age feel like sex is that important. I need more than sex, I need a emotional connection.

    • Yeah thats the point 😟

  • Because that is all what you guys do all the time, I mean I am old school cuz of my religion and culture and I don't allow to have sex before the marriage and guess what? No guy stays with me long simply because he is not getting what he wants. Ya'all guys need to change a bit I mean there are still girls like me that believe to love without sleeping together. LOVE isn't ONLY ABOUT SEX!

    • Then you are not getting with the right guys. I've been with men who honest to God did not care about sex, until I mentioned I wanted to. And that was to the love of my life. Not all men are sexual hounds.

    • We do have love feelings too we don't live for sex i mean if that's the case i will pay a bitch
      I want a girl to continue the journey of life with me and go places together , grow and everything not a girl who i would fuck and ditch

    • That doesn't mean that the guys you were with only cared about sex. There are many girls that wouldn't date a guy waiting until marriage. I would personally date a giel waiting until marriage, but I am just saying... many people want sex in a relationship and that fact alone doesn't mean that's the only thing they're after.

  • Most women don't choose wisely when it comes to those kinds of men, and then they get paranoid after one or two bad seeds.


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  • feminism made to where that's what the majority of women have to offer. they want a career in place of children and a husband so really what use are women to a man other then sex? friendship comes from anybody so that's out too.

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