What would you call this Facebook post?

What do you think about people involved? How do you feel about it?
What would you do to it if you saw it on your feed?

What would you call this Facebook post?

Would you call it fat shaming tho? Why? Why not?
Should all fat women refrain from promoting themselves as sexy, if this girl "had it coming"?
I asked this to make a point... Sparing women from "shaming" can not shame them a much worse pain. Total rejection by men.


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  • LMAO She deserved it.


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  • I would call it: she had it coming

    that was plain the simplest and most obvious set up to get shot down, EVER. poor girl... guess she is not feeling too hotcake now huh

  • She totally set herself up for those kinds of comments. Thera no way she could post that and not know what was coming, I mean it is the internet we are talking about. So yeah, she deserved it.