Afraid to go to school?

I'm basically uncomfortable with going to school because of what happend on the internet. This guy that I liked posted a video on instagram with some animals and I commented "aw". The guy tagged me and replied saying "now I know why you wanted to talk to me, you were trying to get with my brother and now you're trying to get with me. That's weird". I frantically went to kik and asked him why he would put that out in the public on instagram and that I didn't know that they were related. He said, "obviously you know who I'm talking about" I then tried to explain to him that I've only approached one guy my whole high school career so that would be the only guy that I can think of.(the guy also said that he had a younger brother at the time so I figured it out that way). He then told me to not talk to him and to get the f out. I told him (kinda forgot what I said exactly) "well that's okay, I won't talk to you anymore" he replied saying "okay then don't message me or talk to me".
I'm guessing he found out because I changed my kik profile picture to my selfie and his brother probably saw it and told him his side of the story when it came to me talking to him. I guess I could understand why the guy I liked would feel that way but at the same time, I had no way of knowing (i've never seen them talk) and he doesn't show his last name on kik either. A lot of people saw what happend on instagram and the guy has people that I know as followers (like classmates). Which is why I'm not going to school today. This is beyond embarrising/shocking.


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  • Aw I'm sorry to hear this has happened :( I hate when these things go down over the Internet, they escalate so fast!

    Have you tried to explain your side of the story to this guy you like? I think (if you're up to it) it's probably better done in person, that way you make sure his brother isn't there interrupting etc. Explain to him that you had no idea the two of you were brothers and wouldn't be so low as to talk to someone purely to help you 'get with someone'. Also tell him you really did think the animal video was cute.

    If he doesn't give you the time of day to share you're opinion he's an douche. I'm sure he's had plenty of time to listen to his brother's!

    As for the other guy, give it a bit of time to cool down. Explain to him that you had no idea the two of you brothers and were not using him to get to him. Explain that you thought the video was cute and you enjoyed it so thought you would let him know.

    Are you friends with this guy? Like talk a lot / regularly etc? or have you started talking to him more recently? If it's been a while and you've really gotten to know each other maybe he's a bit jealous of you now paying attention to his brother, insecure even. I wouldn't mention this to him though!! If it's more recently then dos you start talking over a common hobby etc? Perhaps remind him of that "I began talking to you, not because I knew who your brother was but because of our mutual interest in ____, I've really enjoyed our chats about it..."

    As for the classmates just ignore them, it's none of their business and there is no need for them to get involved. Don't hide in shame, it might make them think that boy is right.

    Anyway I hope I helped a little bit, you can use as much or as little as you like I just thought I'd put my advice on offer. Best of luck :) x

    • Thank you for responding :)
      I haven't been talking to this guy for long. At the time I told him that I wanted to talk to him because I thought he was cute. The guy later told me that he was intrested in someone else and I was fine with that so I don't understand why he said "now you're trying to get with me". I also haven't recently met his brother. I liked his brother in 9th grade and his friends pretty much picked on me and he thought that I was awkward and weird (he has graduated now). I don't think I should try to talk to the guy because I would have to talk to him around other people and he might made a huge deal out of it. I also could tell that he was obviously p'd off from the way that he was texting me (plus he told me to not talk or message him)

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    • Bad reputations... Hmm...

      The weird loner one: perhaps just talk to people, find people with common interests to you (they can't call you a loner when you're with people) when I say that though I don't mean try and change to fit in with a group. Remember some people say these things because they're jealous. They might be very insecure about themselves and be jealous of the fact you have the confidence to just do your own thing and not conform. People admire that stuff but they don't like to admit it.

      The other one: if someone approaches you about it just laugh it off and explain it was a misunderstanding. If it was a particular person involved though, make sure they understand it was only a misunderstanding and people have escalated things. I once acidently made a comment that inferred another girl in my class was a lesbian, it went right over everyone's heads but I felt so bad. I suppose I'm just saying somethings we think things are worse than they are.

    • Sorry I didn't see it when I replied to the other one :P

      Just wanted to add if things do get bad though contact the school, no one deserves to have in true rumours spread about them!

  • If i were you id go to school. You have nothing to run away from. That guy should be ashamed. And if you have true loyal friends they won't care about what happened on social media.

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