How can I stop random window pop ups and what is a good link for adblock download?

I have this problem when I use Google Chrome. The other internet browsers won't work on my computer and I'm left with Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Since Internet Explorer has a bad reputation I want to use Chrome like other people.
A bunch of unwanted tabs would pop up while I'm surfing the net, and sometimes Chrome will stop functioning for a while. How can I fix this problem? It's so annoying.
Also, what's a good link to download adblock? Ads would suddenly appear in the middle of any web page I use.
The first two links I tried for adblock were no good.


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  • Mozilla Firefox + AdBlock Plus extension = magic

    • She mentioned not being able to run it though.

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    • If only she would tell what's blocking her from installing other browsers...

    • Thank you :)
      I just installed Mozilla Firefox along with the ad block plus

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  • Avast. It works great for my laptop.

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