Girls, Women are a porsche and men are a Jeep?

Some "gender analyst" seems to think this is the reason women are beautiful and men are... ehhh... less than.

He claims men are more "functional", they are like a truck, a jeep, they get things done - looks don't matter. Women are like a porsche, they look awesome first of all and then there's the bonus of functionality.

How much do you agree with this mindset?

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  • I 100% agree because I think Porsches are ugly, and I really like jeeps.


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What Girls Said 2

  • that's the third most ridiculous thing I've seen all night 😂

    • Most people are not so sure it is that ridiculous - notice the 50-50 vote

  • Not true, some men like jeeps, some like porsches, the same goes for women.