A little more than I imagined I spent. Am I a fool?

So over the course of several months I've helped a girl I've been in a relationship with. From things like college help to rent to numerous little gifts. This has happened over 6 months. I've decided to actually look at the totals as one number and I nearly fainted. I've spent $4000!!! And that doesn't include the nearly $2,300 spent for a trip planned in October...

I never thought I'd ever spend this much on just one person. She hasn't paid anything back she doesn't ask for this. In fact she tells me I spend entirely way too much. But she is low on luck and gets in trouble where she was almost thrown out of college and her home where she must pay rent. So I get heart broken and try to help. I think I do good but now I feel like I've left her in a vulnerable position. I never once thought how negatively this would impact her feelings. She must feel in debt to me and that's not how I wanted this relationship to be.

I'm just wondering people's opinion on this. What everyone thinks. Similar situations. Anything that could fix this kind of issue? Am I just a love struck moron? Anything would be helpful. Thank you in advnace

Was hoping for more feedback. I guess this isn't a front page post. Thanks


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  • if you were married or if this were a family member, this is a no brainer and the amount of money you are talking about is virtually nothing. Do whatever you are comfortable with but if you can't imagine surviving if you didn't get it back then you are doing to much.

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