Why do I always expect the negative outcome?

When dealing with companies or businesses I always tend to expect the negative outcome. I tend to be good at "guessing" whats going to happen and what they are going to say. Sometimes I am wrong though, I admit. Today I'm dealing with it again.

I had a free months subscription to lootcrate, which ships out a box of random goods every month. When I first got the subscription I had a problem but it was quickly resolved and now I'm having another issue. Online it shows I'm supposed to be given the tracking information by email, then online in my account. I haven't received it at all and it was supposed to be delivered between sept 20-28 (today). I emailed them and haven't received a response yet (expecting a response today or tomorrow) but I'm automatically thinking it will be a more negative response and I just won't get this months box. I'm fed up with this company already that after I get this box, I'm cancelling my subscription becuase I'm not giving a company money that screws everything up.

Why am I always expecting a negative outcome?

I know very well that it might have been a simple mistake but I always expect the more negative outcome.


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  • You just may be a pessimistic person.


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  • Because you have a pragmatic view of the situation, life isn't all buttercups and roses. At leats if you have a negative out look its great when something goes right whereas if you think something will work and it doesn't, thats worse in my opinion :)


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